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E-mail templates


Manage system E-mail templates that are used for approval and manual tasks. Create and manage custom E-mail templates that can be used in send E-mail activities in the workflow for a service.

Attribute Description
Identifier Unique name of the template
Current Language Translatable content, for email template the Subject and Body supports translation.
Name Name presented in admin web
Subject Email Subject
Body Email Body
Send as html True/False

You can include variables from your workflow by enclosing the variale name with curly brackets {VariableName}. You can also include the following system variables.

Variable Example
{System.Task.Id} y_5A26E95UCc34yiEzn5YA
{System.Service.DisplayName} My Service
{System.Service.Name} MyService
{System.Service.Identifier} MyService
{System.Service.Id} 12345
{System.ServiceOwner.Username} serviceowner
{System.ServiceOwner.Name} Service Owner
{System.Requester.Username} requester
{System.Requester.Name} Requester
{System.Receiver.Username} receiver
{System.Receiver.Name} Receiver
{System.Order.OrderDate} 1/1/2019 12:00:00 AM
{System.Order.Quantity} 1
{System.Order.MonthlyCost} 10
{System.Order.Cost} 5
{System.Order.CorrelationId} 21449f92-335c-4037-b1f3-4d7a80b70532
{System.Order.Id} 1234

System E-mail Templates

The following system template are used for approval/task activities if a notification is set to be sent, but no custom template is used. You can modify the system templates but not delete them.

  • ApprovalTaskCreatedAssigneeNotification
  • ApprovalTaskReminderNotification
  • ManualTaskCreatedAssigneeNotificatoin
  • ManualTaskReminderNotification