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Release notes


Release date: 2020-10-15

Story Feature Description Type
ZPS18-654 Add support for API Key In this version of the PDF Automator we added support for environments where API Authentication is set to Key. Feature
  • This verison introduces new provider configuration.
Key Example Value Description
ZPAPIAuthType Key Specifies if the API of your Zervicepoint instance is configured to authenticate with Key. Set to ADFS if you are not using Key authentication.
ZPAPIURL The URL to your Zervicepoint storeĀ“s API
ZPAPIKeyCredentialName ZPApiKey The name of the credential that holds the API Key. To set an API Key first generate it in the Store settings. Then use Set-PFCredential -Name ZPApiKey as the service account to set the key in a credential.


Release date: 2020-09-19

Story Feature Description Type
ZSD-4058 Save-ZPPDFForm Fixed a bug where the activity threw an exception of the value for False/Off in a checkbox could not be found. Bugfix

1.0.1941 - Initial release

Release date: 2018-09-11

Story Feature Description Type
Save-ZPPDFForm Activity Fills a PDF form and save it as ZP media and on disk
Import-ZPServiceFromPDFBETA Activity Creates a zervicepoint service from a PDF document (must have Acrofields)
Test-ZPPDFCartFile Web service Tests a ZP cart file for AcroFields