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Release date: 2021-04-07


Due to a bug in the installer, when upgrading from version 1.29.2822, the file Newtonsoft.Json.dll must be manually copied to the API web at C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Web\WebApi\Bin from one of the other webs, ie C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Web\UserWeb\Bin.

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

Issues corrected

Issue key Summary
ZSD-3394 It's possible to delete used task form
ZSD-3727 DropDown (not searchable) with Search function in provider returning nothing will say "Type to search"
ZSD-5178 No error when maxRequestLength exceeded while saving service/process
ZSD-5179 REST API: Service entity PUT method doesn't update TimeSaved property

Known Issues

This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

Issue Summary
ZSD-2650 Delayed validation in userweb setup form doesn't show validation message for fields
ZSD-3305 Service selector close drop down directly in IE11 when there are many services
ZSD-3708 ServiceTiles have one white pixel border in Chrome
ZSD-4119 jquery.zfileupload.js följer inte IIS-inställningen
ZSD-4410 Hard to read Read Only text i mobile view
ZSD-4585 Quantity issue
ZSD-4621 Activity feed shows wrong time in Safari
ZSD-4723 Posting a dropdown bound to variable to the same form in a task will result in an additional null,null option in the dropdown
ZSD-4750 GetDefault not triggered on New action in table page
ZSD-4762 Text is pushed out and becomes not visible in Drop Downs ( InternetExplorer )
ZSD-4898 AdminWeb: In the formeditor the "edit-form-field-dropdown" has become so long that all items are not always shown
ZSD-5024 Pasting an approval or task activity into a grouped activity workflow produces no error
ZSD-5105 Clear-ZPOrderParameter cmdlet fail