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Release notes


Release date: 2024-02-05

What's new?

  • Adjusted token expiration date format to LocalDateTime


Release date: 2023-08-21

What's new?

  • Removed requirement for MSAL.PS
  • Updated performance issues regarding ExchangeOnlineManagement
  • Added cleanup for ExchangeOnlineManagement files stored in temp folder
  • Updated Get-PFGraphAuthorizationHeader
  • Added PowerFrame Graph functions: GenerateToken, and TestToken


Release date: 2023-05-30

What's new?

  • Support for ExchangeOnlineManagement and MSAL.PS
    • Exchange activities uses the ExchangeOnlineManagement module to perform actions against Exchange Online.
    • Graph API calls use the MSAL.PS module to generate an authentcation header.


Release date: 2020-01-01

Bug fixes

Feature Description Type
ZSD-4974 - O365 Plugin installer duplicates configuration keys When installing version 1.0.2413 the office365.provisioningsystem.providers.xml file gets corrupted (duplicate configuration keys SessionName, ExchangeConnectionUri and ExchangeAuthentication) Bug fix


Release date: 2019-12-20


This release has been revoked due to a bug in the installer. Please use version 1.0.2425 instead.

What's new?

Feature Description Type
Included Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.dll in PowerFrame.Graph No need to install external library/SDK for PowerFrame.Graph Improvement
Support for modern authentication in Exchange Online Basic authentication will be depreacted from 13 Oct 2020 in Exchange Online New Feature
Minor bug fixes related to disposing mutex object in Exchange Online connect method In some cases the mutex object were not released when connecting to Exchange Online Bug fix


Release date: 2019-04-12

Feature Description Type
Add-ZPO365DistributionGroupMember Now possible to add Office 365 group to a distribution group Improvement
Remove-ZPO365DistributionGroupMember Now possible to remove Office 365 group from a distribution group Improvement


Release date: 2018-11-02

Feature Description Type
Connect-ZPExchangeOnline Reduced LockedCountLimit to 200 instead of 400. (This is due to limitations in traversing to deep in a recursive function) Bug
Set-ZPO365GroupProperties Activity for updating properties on an Exchange Online group. (Uses Set-Group in Exchange Online, and additional Parameter can be used to add the parameters to be used in Set-Group). i.e Set-ZPO365GroupProperties -Identity MyGroup -Parameters {Notes="My description"}


Release date: 2018-10-04

Feature Description Type
Connect-ZPExchangeOnline Internal helper function (Connect-ZPExchangeOnline) for Connecting to Exchange Online and managing available connections (to avoid Exchange Online service throttling) now have a higher LockedOutLimit (400, before 100). Improvement
Connect-ZPExchangeOnline Should now also throw an error when reaching LockedOutLimit 400. Improvement
Set-ZPO365DistributionGroup Added EmailAddresses parameter Improvement


Release date: 2018-06-12

Feature Description Type
Set-ZPO365Licence Force now works properly Bug fix
Set-ZPO365LicenceDelegated Force now works properly Bug fix
Remove-ZPO365Licence Force now works properly Bug fix
Test-ZPO365IsLicenseAssigned New function to test if license is assigned Activity
Get-ZPO365Mailbox Gets a O365 mailbox Activity


Release date: 2017-12-14

What's new?

New functionality to enable/disable Pop & Imap on a mailbox.

Feature Description Type
Enable-ZPO365Imap Enables Imap on a mailbox. Activity
Disable-ZPO365Imap Disables Imap on a mailbox. Activity
Enable-ZPO365Pop Enables Pop on a mailbox. Activity
Disable-ZPO365Pop Disables Pop on a mailbox. Activity


Release date: 2017-12-07

What's new?

New functionality to enable/disable ActiveSync on a mailbox.

Feature Description Type
Enable-ZPO365ActiveSync Enables ActiveSync Activity
Disable-ZPO365ActiveSync Disables ActiveSync Activity


Release date: 2017-11-09

Bug fixes

  • TZP-2445 - Set-ZPO365License and Set-ZPO365LicenseDelegated disables all serviceplans when not specifying when serviceplans to use. This version now enables all serviceplans when not specifying servieplans.


Release date: 2017-11-01

What's new?

  • New functionality to update an Office 365 mailbox
    • Clutter
    • Single Item Recovery
    • Retain deleted Items
    • Quotas (Prohibit and warning)
    • Litigation Hold

Bug fixes

  • TZP-1827 - Bug in Set-ZPO365Licence when a user did not have any initial licences or adding licences without removing any.
Feature Description Type
Set-ZPO365Mailbox Update a mailbox Activity
Set-ZPO365MailboxClutter Enable or disable Clutter Activiy


Release date: 2017-10-11

What's new?

  • New activities
    • Set-ZPO365LicenseDelegated - Set license on a user in Office 365 based on rules in a config file
    • Set-ZPO365GraphUser - Update a user in Office 365.
    • New-ZPO365ExcelLicenseReport - Generates a license report
  • New Drop downs
    • DropDown.Graph.O365LicenseDelegated - Get Office 365 licenses based on role
    • DropDown.Graph.O365ServicePlanRestricted - Get Office 365 serviceplans for a license
    • DropDown.Graph.O365ProjectOnlineLicense - Get only Project Online licenses
  • New Web services
    • Get-ZPO365ServicePlanRestricted - Get all service plans from a subscription
    • Get-ZPO365UserLicenseInformation - Returns user license information.
    • Get-ZPO365MobileDevice - Gets MobileDevices from a target mailbox that have an active Exchange ActiveSync partnership.
  • New Shared functions
    • Get-ZPO365ServicePlanDisplayName - Gets translations for a serviceplan.
    • Get-ZPO365FilteredLicense - Gets all licenses and serviceplans you are allowed to use based on your roles
    • Get-ZPFormattedLicenseOutput - Format license output
    • Get-ZPO365LicensesToRemove - Gets licenses to remove based on swap logic in configuration
    • DropDown.Graph.O365ResourceClientFiltered - Shared dropdown that enables regex filtering on the client side
  • Other
    • Changed the license usage numbers shown in drop downs so it is coherent with what is shown in the Office 365 portal
    • Added parameter Force to Remove-ZPO365License which will enable service plans in other licenses if required to remove the selected license. This is a fix for the following error:
      • "License assignment failed because service plan .{36} depends on the service"
    • Added parameter Force to Set-ZPO365License which will disable service plans in other licenses if required to add the selected license. This is a fix for the following error:
      • "License assignment failed because service plan.*are mutually exclusive"

Bug fixes

  • TZP-1820 - Set-ZPO365License and Remove-ZPO365License sometimes not working
  • WO-6420 - Fixed Get-ZPO365User so it returns objectid

Updates to configuration (office365.provider.xml)


<add key="LicenseDelegationConfigurationPath" value="C:\Dev\Extensions\Provider extensions\Office 365\Shared modules\LicenseDelegationConfiguration\licenseDelegation.json" />


<add key="LicenseDelegationConfigurationPath" value="C:\Dev\Extensions\Provider extensions\Office 365\Shared modules\LicenseDelegationConfiguration\licenseDelegation.json" />


Release date: 2017-02-15

Feature Description Type
ConvertTo-ZPO365ObjectGuid Converts ImmutableID to objectGUID. Activity
Set-ZPO365DistributionGroup Update a distribution group in Office 365. Activity
New-ZPO365Mailbox Create a Mailbox directly in Exchange Online. Activity
Remove-ZPO365Mailbox Remove a mailbox in O365, this will remove the O365 user object as well. Activity
Add-ZPO365MailboxPermission Use the Add-ZPO365MailboxPermission to add folder-level permissions for users in Mailboxes. Activity
Remove-ZPO365MailboxPermission Use the Remove-ZPO365MailboxPermission cmdlet to remove permissions from a user's mailbox. Activity
Add-ZPO365RecipientPermission Add-ZPO365RecipientPermission Activity
Remove-ZPO365RecipientPermission Remove-ZPO365RecipientPermission Activity
Add-ZPO365MailboxModeratedBy Add-ZPO365MailboxModeratedBy Activity
Set-ZPO365MailboxType Set-ZPO365MailboxType Activity
Set-ZPO365MailboxSendOnBehalf Set-ZPO365MailboxSendOnBehalf Activity
Set-ZPO365MailboxForwardingAddress Set-ZPO365MailboxForwardingAddress Activity

Updates to configuration (office365.provider.xml)


<add key="SessionName" value="ZervicePoint.ClientWebService.O365.Exchange" />
<add key="ExchangeConnectionUri" value="" />
<add key="ExchangeAuthentication" value="Basic" />