Install worker

Ensure you have followed "Plan for worker installation"

Download zervicepoint media

Zervicepoint media is accessible on our downloads page.

Please contact to request media access if you don't already have access to the media.

Setup signing certificates for Client Web Service

  • Download Token Signing Certificate to worker server and import to the personal store of the machine (LocalMachine\My).
  • Generate self-signed data signing certificate from worker server and upload to store

Download Token Signing Certificate

Go to the following url:

  • Download Token Signing Certificate from AdminWeb > Edit Store > Worker Authentication

Take a note of the thumbprint of the certificate as it will be used later for the installation.


Install Token Signing Certificate

  1. Double-click the "certificate.cer"
  2. Click "Install Certificate..."


  3. Select "Local Machine"


  4. Select "Place all certificates in the following store" and browse to "Personal"


  5. Click "Finish"


The Token Signing Certificate is now installed.

Generate Data Signing Certificate

Run the following command in PowerShell (Run as administrator) in order to generate a self-signed certificate for data signing and then export the certificate to C:\Cert folder.

$StoreName = "replace with StoreName"
$cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -Provider "Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider" -Subject "CN=Client Web Service Data Signing - $($StoreName)" -CertStoreLocation "cert:\LocalMachine\My" -Type CodeSigningCert -KeySpec Signature -KeyLength 2048 -NotAfter (Get-date).AddYears(5)

New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path C:\Cert

Export-Certificate -Cert $cert -FilePath C:\Cert\$($cert.Thumbprint).cer -Type CERT


Take a note of the thumbprint of the certificate as it will be used later for the installation.

  • Upload data Signing Certificate to AdminWeb > Edit Store > Worker Authentication > Data signing Certificate > Upload certificate > Save


Install Zervicepoint

On the worker node, run ZervicePointSetup.exe.


Select Provisioning System, Client Web Service and Powershell maintenance module as features to install.


  • Enter service account details. (This account runs the application pool)
  • Select website certificate for ClientWebService. (If it is not visible, make sure it is a valid SSL certificate and that it was imported before running the setup wizard)
  • Enter ClientWebService Token and Data signing certificate thumbprints.


  • Hostname should be
  • StoreName must be your StoreName
  • Client Web Service hostname (
  • Port to use with Client Web Service (443 for HTTPS)
  • ServiceAccount (This account runs ProvisioningSystem and ProvisioningSystemInvenory services)
  • Set Key as Worker Authentication
  • Use WorkerKey as credentialname or enter a custom one.


Select Key for API authentication and enter the URL


Generate Provisioning Key

  • Generate Provisioning Key AdminWeb > Edit Store > Worker Authentication > Generate Key > Save Key > Save



Add ProvisioningKey to service account credential store

Run Powershell in the context of the service account(s).

click for tip on how to Run as another user

Shift-Click on the PowerShell window and click 'Run as a different user'


Import-Module 'C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Powershell\ZervicePoint.WebApi.PowerShell'

Set-ZPKeyCredential -Name WorkerKey -Key "<provisioning key>"

Start Services

Start-Service -Name ProvisioningSystem,ProvisioningSystemInventory

Check the event log "Zervicepoint" in Event Viewer and verify that there are no error messages.

Next steps