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Zervicepoint at a glance

Let's have a quick look at what Zervicepoint is and what it can do.

User web

Zervicepoint user web is an HTML5 responsive website. From here, end users can place orders for services and follow the process in real time. Multiple languages are supported – Zervicepoint ships with translations for Swedish and English but more languages can be translated and enabled if needed.


Zervicepoint is flexible and can be used in several ways. For instance, you can create a self-service portal where you offer hardware and services. Managers can use it to on-board new hires. IT can use it as a lightwheight ITSM.

Display services depending on the users roles. Select recommended and relevant services and content for all your user types. A service can behave differently depending on roles as well.

Users can mark services as favourize by clicking the heart or the admins can choose to put new or often used services on everyone's frontpage.

Services has forms that can be easily created through drag-and-drop but are also very customizeable through javascript and with your own data sources or data sources from one of our plugins.

Everything that gets posted on the form will be validated on the server side, making sure nothing bad gets into your data.


Once the service has been ordered the workflow of the service takes the neccesary steps of carrying out the order. Does the order need to be approved? Does someone need to be notified? How you want to define the workflow is up to you but there is a large number of built-in workflow activities to choose from. If you need to integrate with another system we have plugins for systems such as Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, ServiceNow, SCCM etc.


Approvals and tasks can be configured in many different ways:

  • The approver or task assignee can be:
    • A preset group or individual.
    • A group or individual determined by selections in the order.
  • Approval can be required from one or all defined approvers.
  • Email notifications can be sent out informing approvers that they need to act on the order.
  • Reminder emails for the approvers can be enabled.
  • A timeout for the approval can be configured.
  • A workflow for what happens when:
    • The order has been approved.
    • The order has been rejected.
    • The approval has timed out.
  • Approvers can have their own forms.

Admin web

The Admin web is where the administrators manages the content in your Zervicepoint store.

From here administrators can:

  • Extract order reports
  • Restart and terminate orders
  • Create and manage email templates
  • Create, update and delete services and processes
  • Manage roles within Zervicepoint
  • Manage translations
  • Configure the store settings
  • And much more

For more details about the features and components of Zervicepoint use the navigation menu or search.