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Upgrade Service Fabric



The steps in this guide is for a single-server setup of Service Bus/Workflow Manager. The upgrade scenario for multiple nodes will differ.


  • Download Media Here
  • Save the Media in C:\Media (this guide assumes the installation files are located there)
  • CertificateAutoGenerationKey for Workflow Manager and Service Bus
  • Credentials for the Workflow Manager and Service Bus service accounts


  • C:\Media\WorkflowManagerRefresh
  • C:\Media\ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2
  • C:\Media\WorkflowCU5
  • C:\Media\MicrosoftServiceFabric.9.1.1833.9590.exe

Upgrade Steps

Step 1

Start Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard and leave the Workflow Manager Farm

Step 2

Uninstall the following programs:

  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric (or Service Fabric, depending on prior version)
  • Service Bus
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Manager Client

Step 3

Delete the following folders

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Service Fabric (or C:\Program Files\Service Fabric)
  • C:\Program Files\Workflow Manager
  • C:\Program Files\Service Bus

Step 4

Restart the Server

Step 5

Install the required Windows Features

Add-WindowsFeature -Name @(

Step 6

Use Web Platform Installer to extract the files (The Web platform installer requires internet connection)

# WorkflowManagerRefresh
& 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd.exe' /offline /products:WorkflowManagerRefresh /path:C:\Media\WorkflowManagerRefresh

# ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2
& 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd.exe' /offline /products:ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2 /path:C:\Media\ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2

# WorkflowCU5
& 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd.exe' /offline /products:WorkflowCU5 /path:C:\Media\WorkflowCU5

Step 7

Install WorkflowManagerRefresh and WorkflowCU5

# WorkflowManagerRefresh
cd C:\Media\WorkflowManagerRefresh\bin\
.\WebpiCmd.exe /Install /products:"WorkflowManagerRefresh" /XML:C:\Media\WorkflowManagerRefresh\feeds\v001\webproductlist.xml /AcceptEula /SuppressPostFinish

# WorkflowCU5
cd C:\Media\WorkflowCU5\bin
.\WebpiCmd.exe /Install /products:"WorkflowCU5" /XML:C:\Media\WorkflowCU5\feeds\v001\webproductlist.xml /AcceptEula /SuppressPostFinish

Step 8

Uninstall the following programs:

  • Windows Fabric 1.0.976.0
  • Service Bus 1.1 2.0.30904.0

Delete the following folder if it exists:

  • C:\Program Files\Service Bus

Step 9

Install the updated Service Bus Version

CD C:\Media\ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2\bin
.\WebpiCmd.exe /Install /products:"ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2" /XML:C:\Media\ServiceBus_1_1_TLS_1_2\feeds\v001\webproductlist.xml /AcceptEula /SuppressPostFinish

Step 10

Uninstall the following program:

  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Step 11

Install Service Fabric

c:\Media\MicrosoftServiceFabric.9.1.1833.9590.exe /accepteula

Step 12

Start Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard and join the Workflow Manager Farm

Step 13

Start the Zervicepoint installer and uninstall Workflow Manager Extensions

Do not uncheck anything else, doing so will uninstall everything that is unchecked

Step 14

Start the Zervicepoint installer and install Workflow Manager Extensions

Step 15

Restart the server

Step 16

Place an order in Zervicepoint and verify that it works correctly