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Task log


This view lists task status update events for approvals and tasks.

A task is displayed once it's been updated, it does not show pending tasks/approvals.

Task Log

How to approve task using Zervicepoint API

# Get-Help Get-ZPOrder
# Get-Help Set-ZPTaskStatus

----------  EXAMPLE 1  ----------

PS C:\>Set-ZPTaskStatus -TaskUniqueId 7ba1d0dc-9439-41bf-beb7-d7f0fe79a892 -ApprovalStatus Approved

This example approves the task with unique id 7ba1d0dc-9439-41bf-beb7-d7f0fe79a892.

----------  EXAMPLE 2  ----------

PS C:\>Set-ZPTaskStatus -TaskUniqueId c7409e11-71b7-4cd0-aca3-f39f20c2899c -CompletionStatus Completed

This example completes the manual task with unique id c7409e11-71b7-4cd0-aca3-f39f20c2899c.

----------  EXAMPLE 3  ----------

PS C:\$task =(Get-ZPOrder -OrderId <orderid>).Tasks | Out-GridView -OutputMode Single
PS C:\$task | Set-ZPTaskStatus -CompletionStatus Completed

This example get the task from Get-ZPOrder, selects object from out-gridview and then pipe result to Set-ZPTaskStatus

----------  EXAMPLE 4  ----------

Set-ZPTaskStatus -TaskUniqueId 0a49b3d7-6bab-42cc-b633-35085d10b6ff -OtherStatus ItemOrdered

This example updates a custom status for a task.