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Missing Managed User in Service Bus ZervicePoint Namespace


Your orders are stuck in the queue state.


This problem may occur when the WorkflowManager account and ServiceBus account are missing permissions on the ZervicePoint Scope.

  1. Follow the instructions in this How-To Article
  2. Start PowerShell in an elevated prompt
  3. Run the Set-SBNamespace CmdLet and Add the WorkflowManager account and the ServiceBus Account as managed users on the ZervicePoint Namespace
# Check if WorkflowManager account and ServiceBus Account are Managed users on the ZervicePoint Namespace
Get-SBNamespace -Name ZervicePoint

# Add the accounts using the Set-SBNamespace CmdLet
Set-SBNamespace -Name ZervicePoint -ManageUsers @("DOMAIN\workflowmanager","DOMAIN\ZervicePoint","DOMAIN\administrator")