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Release notes


Release date: 2020-01-16

What's new?

Issues corrected

Story Feature Description Type
Set-ZPADAccountPassword Fixed an issue where the activity would hang on some domains when setting the password. Additional information can be found here: Activity Improvement
New-ZPADUser Also affected by the issue above in case you user the Password parameter. Activity Improvement


Release date: 2018-06-12

What's new?

Issues corrected

Story Feature Description Type
New-ZPADUser Modified some validation on surname parameter Activity improvment
Dropdown.ADGroup Added validation function Dropdown improvment
Dropdown.ADGroup Support for GUID search Dropdown improvment
Dropdown.ADGroup Support for Octet string searches in xml Dropdown improvment
New distribution list service Made it New UI compatible Example service improvment
Add-ZPADGroupMember Now returns state when no group or user is selected Activity improvment
Grant-ZPADChangeGroupMembershipRights New activity for granting group membership rights New Activitiy


Release date: 2017-11-09

What's new?

Issues corrected

Story Feature Description Type
Set-ZPADContact Used to edit an AD contact object Activity
Rename-ZPADObject Now works with all types off AD-objects Activity improvment


Release date: 2017-10-25

Bug fixes

  • TZP-1851 - Fixed possible null-exception in Active directory Plugin concerning additionalParameters


Release date: 2017-10-11

What's new? * New Drop-downs DropDown.ADContactNoDefault, DropDown.ADObject * New Web service Get-ZPADContact * Added 'SearchBase' parameter to Get-ZPADOrganizationalUnit * New Activity Rename-ZPADObject

Bug fixes

  • TZP-1821 - Set-ZPADGroup and Set-ZPADComputer don't work with samAccountName as Identity


Release date: 2017-03-23

What's new?

Story Feature Description Type
TZX-555 Dropdown.ADUser Added possibility to use Validate in Dropdown.ADUser


Release date: 2017-03-03

What's new?

Story Feature Description Type
TZS-789 New-ZPADUser Updated with error handling 2.0


Release date: 2017-02-24

What's new?

Story Feature Description Type
TZZ-373 Set-ZPADUserInteractiveLogon Restricts a user to only be able to interactively logon to the specified workstations. Activity
TZS-490 New-ZPADGroup added a construct.xml for AD Groups to make it possible to configure naming standards for AD groups. Activity
TZS-490 Get-ZPADOrganizationalUnit Find an organizational unit as a part of a workflow. Activity
TZZ-372 Get-ZPADUserLogonWorkstation Gets a users logon workstations from the users userWorkstations attribute and returns as DropDown friendly objects. Data source
TZZ-372 Get-ZPADGroup webservice will now try to lookup the User/Group in order to return Name/Value when the property msExchModeratedByLink is sent in the property parameter. Data source


Release date: 2016-10-10

Story Activity
AET-220 Get-PFConfig - Added an additional Parameter Set so that you can specify either a path to a configuration or a configuration name / type.
TZZ-88 Added Get-PFCartFileAsCsv, and New-PFHTMLTable to PowerFrame.
Sync-ZPADObject - Added activity that synchronizes objects between two domain controllers.
TZS-94 PowerFrame returns incorrect property types
TZS-189 Edit Computer - extensionAttribute1 is bound to wrong variable in the activity set-zpadcomputer, should be bound to "NewMacaddress"


Release date: 2016-08-16

Story Activity
ZPEXT-1026 Get-PFADComputer returns users
ZPEXT-939 Get-PFADUser considerably slower than Get-ADUser
ZPEXT-926 Get-PFADUser returns OU's
ZPEXT-922 As a technician I want to be able to remove value with set-zpaduser


Release date: 2016-06-27

Story Activity
ZPEXT-1604 Error in event viewer - Add-ZPADGroupMember
ZPEXT-1629 Convertto-PFFriendlyCharacter misses some characters. "æ" and "ø"
ZPEXT-1203 Verbose on New-ZPADUser generates an error
ZPEXT-1354 Get-PFADUser does not support a hyphen free GUID ex. 08f177f40ffa520026d63e4ce1050e8a
ZPEXT-996 Setting to NOT include current user in ADUser-dropdowns
ZPEXT-1591 As a PO I want to be able to Disable Computer objects with Disable-ZPADAccount
ZPEXT-1389 Add a function for getting ADFS thumbprint to PowerFrame


Release date: 2016-05-27

Story Activity
ZPEXT-1320 Fix PowerFrame MSI Installer so that it overwrite older versions (-FORCE)
ZPEXT-1529 As a technician I want to be able to use construct.xml to generate computer names with New-ZPADComputer
ZPEXT-1493 Construct.xml - Support multiple naming conventions per command name with New-ZPADUser and New-ZPADComputer
ZPEXT-1201 Add Blacklist functionality for New-ZPADUser


Release date: 2016-04-01

Story Activity
ZPEXT-1011 Bad spelling in AD comments
ZPEXT-780 Get-PF* commands sometimes selects a "bad" DC
ZPEXT-634 Add LockedOut as default property
ZPEXT-1150 Set-PFADUserCannotChangePassword should support multiple domain controllers.
ZPEXT-1109 Wrong password is showed in order details for requester


Release date: 2016-03-18

Story Activity
ZPEXT-1130 GetDefault on DropDown.ADComputer is missing DomainController
ZPEXT-1110 Get-ZPADGroupMember sometimes calls the wrong domaincontroller


Release date: 2016-01-28

Story Activity
ZPEXT-971 LDAP-Filters in dropdown.xml are not protected against injections


Release date: 2015-11-23

Story Activity
ZPEXT-786 Drop-down configuration should be preserved during upgrade


Release date: 2015-10-21

Story Activity
ZPEXT-757 Error trying to set ExtensionAttributeX with New-ZPADUser and Set-ZPADUser
ZPEXT-697 Remove-ZPADGroupmember does not work
ZPEXT-756 Get-pfaduser is using the wrong parameter
ZPEXT-515 Get-PFADGroup -Identity '' -Property Member -Force Does not return more than 1500 members
ZPEXT-621 Set-ZPADHiddenParameter throws error when "info"-parameter is NULL
ZPEXT-635 Get-PFADComputer - can't get more than 1000 hits
ZPEXT-599 Misleading error in eventlog when user lack permissions to seach in dropdown (through configuration in dropdown.xml)


Release date: 2015-04-24

Story Activity
Providers.xml are split into bundle specific xml's.


Release date: 2015-04-22

Story Activity
ZPEXT-594 Solved problem with the error "Invalid Enumeration Context" when multiple orders are check out at the same time.


Release date: 2015-02-16

Story Activity
ZPEXT-373 Move-ZPADobject does not work if -identity is bound to SamaccountnameActive directory Pack