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Release date: 2019-08-14

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

JavaScript DOM manipulation deprecated

In this release there are warning messages to the JavaScript console log when the ZApi functions GetElement, GetContainer, GetElement and GetContainer are invoked. If you have cases where you need to manipulate the DOM, check our Migration guide.Migration guide

Multi-tenant upgrade

This release contains no changes in Provisioning System or Client Web Service.

ZervicePoint PowerShell Management

This release contains no changes in the PowerShell Management module.

Install.cmd file no longer required

This release includes a completely new installer. This means that you no longer need to use the old Install.cmd file. The installer is however compatible with install.cmd should you wish to continue using it. If so, always use the file included in the latest release.

New requirement

There is a new software requirement. .NET Framework 4.6 or above is required. Please update accordingly before upgrading to this Zervicepoint version. It is needed because we have started to support SQL server 2017. Note: .NET 4.6 might cause unpatched Service Bus 1.1 for Windows server to become unresponsive

New features

New installation experience

installation experience showcase first page installation experience showcase feature select installation experience showcase installing view

The old installer has been replaced by a completely new installation experience. Here are some of the highlights of the new installer:

  • Full user interface - no need for a cmd file to launch it (although it still supports install.cmd)
  • When upgrading from an earlier version, the installer gets all settings from already installed features
  • When reinstalling, the installer remembers the settings from the previous installation
  • No more passwords in clear text in the installation log files

Changes since version 1.22.2284:

  • Improved website certificate selection
    • The original dropdown box is still there, but we've added a "select certificate" link that brings up a dialog containing SubjectName, FriendlyName, Thumbprint and ExpirationDate of all certificates. You can double-click a certificate to see even more details.
  • Your settings are no longer overwritten
    • The installer now merges configuration files (exe.config and providers.xml) from the install packages with the contents of your existing files to ensure no settings are lost. Please note that critical settings are still managed by the installer.
  • Eventlog options
    • We have added a new page - Eventlog options - where you can set the maximum size, overflow behavior and minimum retention days for the Zervicepoint eventlog. No need to create event sources and set maximum size manually any more.
  • SQL connectivity and account validation
    • The installer now automatically checks SQL connectivity, application pool account and service accounts to ensure you don't make any mistakes when entering database server/instance or usernames/passwords.
  • Minor changes
    • The installer now remembers the settings from last installation even if you uninstall and reinstall.
    • Settings are now hidden if they have already been displayed on a previous page.
    • Improved the progress page (progress items, progress bar).
    • Direct navigation by clicking page name in left pane.
    • Inspect and/or change bundle variable values before installing, and generate command lines for automation.
    • Fixed an issue where installation wouldn't roll back in case of an error.
    • Fixed an issue where the ZPAPISTSSERVICELOCATION environment variable would get the wrong value.
    • Fixed issue with IS_CENTRAL being set to "0" instead of "false" for provisioning inventory service.
    • Fixed issue where adding and/or removing components didn't work.

Maintenance Web

With the new installer we also introduce the Zervicepoint maintenance web. Again. (wink) You can read about it here:

How to use the Zervicepoint Maintenance Web

Changes in the Zervicepoint Installer

This release has no changes in the Zervicepoint Installer.

Issues corrected

Issue key Summary
ZSD-4746 CreateStore with ContentStore and includeRoleRules parameters should copy System roles and rules from ContentStore
TZP-5024 Improve the search script for AddDelegation(UserWeb) and Role(AdminWeb)

System requirements and Documentation

You can find system requirements, documentation and knowledge base articles in our wiki here. Read about important information and breaking changes here. You can also have a look at our product site at

Providing feedback

If you would like to provide feedback or make a suggestion, please post a New Feature request in our service desk accessible from

If you would like to report an issue with Zervicepoint, please visit our service desk accessible from

Help the Zervicepoint documentation team ship the kind of product information you need most by giving us your feedback and comments. Submit your documentation feedback through our service desk accessible from

Known Issues

This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

Issue Summary
ZSD-4119 jquery.zfileupload.js följer inte IIS-inställningen
ZSD-4352 [New UI] Datetime picker push down below footer
ZSD-4374 [CRM Plugin] Fix TLS 1.2 support in CRMManagement.psm1 row 37
ZSD-4454 [newUI] Dynamic dropdown with category doesn't present value correct in approval form
ZSD-4563 When favoriting a service on mobile, the current service is reloaded. This empties filled in forms.
ZSD-4564 The menu in mobile is buggy when expanding and collapsing categories, making it impossible to scroll in certain conditions.
ZSD-4565 [IE] When using long text on a Page with does not line break
ZSD-4585 Quantity issue
ZSD-4590 DateTimePicker does not allow manual date entry in table page
ZSD-4620 [NewUI] Image border bug
ZSD-4621 Activity feed shows wrong time in Safari
ZSD-4639 not displaying correctly in Mobile browser
ZSD-4645 Runspaces are created on each search in dropdowns, resulting in runspacecreation not working
ZSD-4654 TextBlockRTF syns inte i forms som bara används i task activity (New UI)
ZSD-4676 When copying form, you can't remove variabels, only sections
ZSD-4694 [NewUI] Date picker loses focus when trying to edit a date
ZSD-4696 [Person Lookup] Service can't be reached after new TLS 1.2 requirement
ZSD-4698 Wrong form is loaded when opening a service
ZSD-4719 [UI] - Checkbox bound to string variable is always no in users order view
ZSD-4723 Posting a dropdown bound to variable to the same form in a task will result in an additional null,null option in the dropdown
ZSD-4728 Removing a Task form in the service editor cause an exception later when the task assignee is trying to access the form.
ZSD-4732 User receives an exception when trying to order a service with a required field that is not bound
ZSD-4748 [Shared list] - Removed lists that has columns break get-zpprocess
ZSD-4750 GetDefault not triggered on New action in table page
ZSD-4762 Text is pushed out and becomes not visible in Drop Downs ( InternetExplorer )
ZSD-4766 If you use Get-ZPRoles you will not get correct result
ZSD-4775 [Plugin] AD Plugin - New-ZPADComputer - Displays poor error message on failure
ZSD-4787 Users cannot see order details on orders with deleted service/process