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Install and configure a plugin


  • ZervicePoint Plugins should be installed on the ZervicePoint Provisioning server
  • ZervicePoint Plugins are delivered as exe files
  • Each ZervicePoint Plugin includes PowerFrame
  • Install a ZervicePoint Plugin by running the corresponding exe file, for example ZervicePoint.Extensions.ActiveDirectory.exe
  • Installation directory is C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Provider extensions[Provider extension name]
  • Sets system environment variable ZPPackages to C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Provider extensions


  • For each ZervicePoint Plugin that is installed you need configure a \<provider> section to the provider extension name.providers.xml file for Provisioning system and Client Web Service. See the specific Plugins specific information page found here for instruction on how to do this.
  • Configure Data sources if needed (see Drop down configuration for data sources in Plugins)
  • Restart the following services
    • ZervicePoint Provisioning Inventory System
    • ZervicePoint Provisioning System

Do not add any folders used by the ClientWebService or the Provisioningsystem to the PSMODULEPATH variable. e.g.

  • C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\ClientWebService\Scripts
  • C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\ProvisioningSystem\Providers\PowerShell\Scripts
  • C:\Program Files\Zipper\ZervicePoint\Provider Extensions\

And do not add the C:\Program Files\Zipper\PowerFrame\Modules folder to any of the providers.xml paths.