Zervicepoint Installer


Download the latest media and put in local folder on installation server.

Media consists of a bootstrap installer (ZervicePointSetup.exe) and a CMD-file (install.cmd). *The CMD file is no longer required but is still supported if you wish to automate your setup.

The following tables explains all the options in the bootstrap installer as well as the correspodning values in install.cmd

Select Features


On the Select Features page, select the features/components you wish to install

For a single server setup, you'll want to select the following:

  • Database
  • Administration web
  • User Web
  • Process System Web
  • API Web
  • Workflow manager extensions
  • Process system service
  • Provisioning system
  • Client webservice
  • Powershell Management module

Install.cmd values:

  • IncludeComponents
  • ExcludeComponents



The Database settings page contains the options necessary to create the Zervicepoint database;

  • Database server: The name of the SQL server instance to create the Zervicepoint database on
  • Database name: Name of the database (leave blank to use default name ZervicePoint)
  • Database collation: Collation for the database (leave blank to use the instance's default collation)
  • Database username: Username for installing the database (leave blank for current user)
  • Password: Password for installing the database
  • Command timeout: Timeout in seconds for SQL commands

Install.cmd values:

  • SqlServer
  • DatabaseName
  • DatabaseCollation
  • DatabaseUsername
  • DatabasePassword
  • SqlCommandTimeout

High-Level steps for deploying Zervicepoint

  • something
  • test