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Link Mobility Plugin

The Link Mobility plugin lets you send text messages.


Activity Internal name Description
Send text message SendTextMessage Send a text message to one or more receivers.

Installation and Configuration

Credential Store

Add the values as credential objects on the ProvisioningSystem server. The credential objects need to be added in the context of the service account running the ProvisioningSystem.

Name Value
LinkMobilityAuthorization UserName and Password for link mobility
# Start PowerShell in context of the service account running ProvisioningSystem

# Add Values
$userName = ""
$password = ""

New-PFCredential -Name LinkMobilityAuthorization -UserName $userName -Password $password

Update Provider Config


Update the provider config with the settings applicable for your environment


Key Example Value Description
LinkMobilityAuthorization LinkMobilityAuthorization Link mobility credentials
Source zervicepoin Senders name (maximum 11 characters)
PlatformId ZERVICEPOINT Platform Id provided by link mobility
PlatformPartnerId Test Partner Id provided by link mobility
UseDeliveryReport false Send delivery report
BaseUrl Url to link mobility api
UICulture en-US language to display state messages in (en-US or sv-SE)