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Release date: 2022-04-12

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

New features and changes

New menu replacing navigation tags

The page structure is now displayed in a more traditional menu that is pulled down (and optionally pinned) from the top left corner of the page in user web. The tags previously used to navigate the page structure have been removed to free up space for page content and service tiles.

We have also moved the search field from the page header to the top of the new menu. And we've refreshed the default page icons for a more modern look.

Intervals and weekday settings in the date/time picker

When adding a date/time picker control to your form, you can now specify allowed and/or blocked date intervals, like if you want to block dates in the past or only allow dates a month ahead. Furhermore, you can now specify what days of the week will be available.

More auto-generated identifiers

In version 1.31.3196 we introduced a concept called auto-generated identifiers. This essentially meant that objects with identifier properties (like services, processes, tags etc) would automatically generate the identifier as you typed the display name. We have now added this functionality to two more object types; Pages and Email templates.

Migration from Azure AD Graph to Microsoft Graph

On September 1st last year Microsoft announced that they would retire Azure Active Directory Graph on June 30 2022. Zervicepoint has used this library to retrieve group membership and other user data from Azure during the user authentication and authorization process. From this version on we will instead use the Microsoft Graph library.

If you're using Azure AD federation in Zervicepoint you need to upgrade to this version (or a later version) to prevent service interruption.

If you run your Zervicepoint store in our cloud you don't need to take any action as we will handle upgrading the cloud environment.

Note: Microsoft announced on March 1st 2022 that the retirement date for Azure AD Graph had been postponed through at least the end of 2022. Nevertheless we urge you to upgrade as soon as possible.

Issues corrected

Issue key Summary
ZSD-5247 DatePicker set to Required always defaults to current date
ZSD-5264 Updating a process grouped activity version from the Linked Processes tab makes form functions disappear
ZSD-5267 WebApi: Task PUT method fails if body is not UTF-8
ZSD-5288 Unable to create new page in AdminWeb

Known Issues

This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

Issue key Summary
ZSD-3708 ServiceTiles have one white pixel border in Chrome
ZSD-4410 Hard to read Read Only text i mobile view
ZSD-4621 Activity feed shows wrong time in Safari
ZSD-4723 Posting a dropdown bound to variable to the same form in a task will result in an additional null,null option in the dropdown
ZSD-4750 GetDefault not triggered on New action in table page
ZSD-5186 Central Data sources can't be selected in a Table Page
ZSD-5187 Clicking on "more details" on central provider/data source results in a 500 error page
ZSD-5236 End workflow activity leaves approvals and tasks active
ZSD-5237 Assign Activity in OnEachTimeout-event doesnt work