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Troubleshooting guidelines


This is a list of common ways to troubleshot Zervicepoint. If the portal seems to have some performance problems or if your orders stopped processing, this is where you should start looking for plausible causes.


Here is a list of steps to check to find clues to what the error is.

  1. Check that all Zervicepoint-related services are running. If one or some of them are not running, try and start them. If they don't start, check Event Viewer.

    1.  Zervicepoint ProcessSystem
    2.  Zervicepoint Provisioning System
    3.  Zervicepoint Provisioning Service Inventory
    4.  World Wide Web Publishing Service
    5.  Service Bus Gateway
    6.  Service Bus Message Broker
    7.  Service Bus Resource Provider
    8.  Windows Fabric Host Service
    9.  Workflow Manager Backend
  2. If orders are queued, try restart services. In Powershell, start Powershell as Adminstrator, run:

    Restart-services -Name ProcessSystem, ProvisioningSystem, ProvisioningSystemInventory -verbose

    If you are running ZP HA setup, you might not have all services on one server 3. Always check the event-viewer. This is where almost every error message is logged from Zervicepoint. Service Bus and Workflow Manager has their own logs in Event Viewer. Check for more specific error messages from them in that log. 4. Search for error message in knowledgebase. Go to the Zervicepoint Knowledgebase frontpage and enter your error message and press search. 5. If you have problems with ADFS after upgrade, check this link Common ADFS problems for ProvisioningSystem after installation 6. If no one can log in to the zervicepoint-portal then maybe the certificate has expired. How to find current certificate How to find the ADFS thumbprint v3. Check that this matches the certificate for this store in Zervicepoint database, securitysystem.trustedissuers. If they don't match, there is your problem. 7. If orders are queued for seemingly no reason, check this; The tool WFUtil for cleaning inactive workflows

  1. If an order stops in error, you can view the error message in 2 places - the Order gui in Admin Web and/or the Event Viewer. We log out error and orderid so you can search for the order-id in Event Viewer.
  2. Approver cannot approve. Gets error message eventid 1020. First - check that order form and approval form contains the same variables. If there is a difference, this error will most likely occur. Correct and restart service with latest version.
  3. If somethings doesn't show for a user in a drop-down or a user can't see a service, check Roles in Zervicepoint. The cause is probably that a user is missing a role.
  4. If there seems to be a order form related issue, you can almost always see what happens in the form by starting Chrome or IE/Edge and launch development tools (F12). Then load the form or search the drop-down that you suspect is faulty. Error messages will be shown in "console".
  5. The order is "Completed" but is orange in Order gui. Check the different processed steps for the order until you find the error. This is likely because there were some error but the order continued processing. This is manageable in the workflow and sometimes this makes sence. For example if you have a list of AD Security Groups you want the user to be member of, and it fails to add the first, you might want Zerviepoint to add him to the others but still highlight that something went wrong.