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Release date: 2018-12-19

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

JavaScript DOM manipulation deprecated

In this release there are warning messages to the JavaScript console log when the ZApi functions GetElement, GetContainer, GetElement and GetContainer are invoked. If you have cases where you need to manipulate the DOM, check our Migration guide.Migration guide

Multi-tenant upgrade

This release has no changes to Provisioning System or Client Web Service.

ZervicePoint PowerShell Management

There are new functionality in Powershell Management see below for details.

New install.cmd file in this release

This release has no changes to install.cmd, but you should switch to the new install.cmd file that was introduced in 1.18.1829 and is included in all subsequent releases, if you haven't already.

New requirement

There is a new software requirement. .NET Framework 4.6 or above is required. Please update accordingly before upgrading to this Zervicepoint version. It is needed because we have started to support SQL server 2017. Note: .NET 4.6 might cause unpatched Service Bus 1.1 for Windows server to become unresponsive

New features

Collapsing a form section in the form editor

It is now possible to collapse a form section in the form editor the same way you can collapse any activity in the workflow editor.

Before Collapse

form section before collapse

After Collapse

form section after collapse

Grouped Activities

Grouped Activities is a new feature in Zervicepoint. They are sequences of activities that can be reused in multiple processes and services, acting as an isolated part of the process workflow, containing their own variables and activities, and taking input and output parameters that are assigned to variables used by the different activities within the grouped activity. A grouped activity can contain all of the different built-in activities (except Approval and Task) as well as provider activities. Read more about grouped activities here: Working with Grouped Activities.

Grouped activities add new Grouped activities implementation

Hide submit button

It is now possible to hide the submit button for services that should not be orderable.

This can be useful for services that only display information. For example a "View user information" service.

The checkbox for this can be found on the "Update service", "New process" and "Update process" pages on the administration page.

Hide submit button

Hide page headers

It is now possible to hide the text inside the page headers on the "Catalog", "Activity feed" and "To-Do list" pages in the new UI.

This will leave more screen space for other content.

The setting for this can be found on the "Edit store" page on the administration page.

Hide page headers

With page headers

Hide page headers with headers

Without page headers

Hide page headers without headers

Set receiver of an order

By using the new activity 'Set order receiver', you can specify which user an order is meant for.

This will allow you to track orders better and will allow for more detailed reports.

If receiver is set in an order with a task activity in it, the receiver will be displayed in the todo-list of the user assigned with the task.

Activity in toolbox

Set receiver toolbox

Activity in workflow editor

Set receiver in editor

Order in order details

Set receiver order details

Task in Todo-list. Concerning user is the user set as receiver.

Set receiver task

To learn how to use this feature, check out the video tutorial

Latest state is shown in activity feed

Now the latest state is shown in activity feed even when the order is completed.

Latest state was not shown before

Latest state was not shown before

Latest state is now visible in activity feed

Latest state is now visible in activity feed

Support for quantity in new UI

Quantity is here again, and will simplify ordering of multiple items of the same kind.

Quantity in cart

Quantity in cart

Quantity in service details

Quantity in service details

Admin web visual lift up!!

The graphical lift up of administration web is harmonizing the look-and-feel between zervicepoint's user and admin interfaces.

Admin web visual lift up

Changeable text on submit button

It is now possible to change the text on the submit button. This is useful in cases where you do not want the text to be "Place Order". For example, a Change Request may not be considered an "order" and therefore the order button text should be something else.

Changeable text on submit button

This can be set on the process/service:

Changeable text on submit button in service based on shared process

Grouped Activities - Change order of parameters

It is now possible to change the order of the input and output parameters by drag and drop on the Parameters tab.

Grouped Activities - Mix with provider activities

When assigning a category to a grouped activity it is now possible to select one from the list of provider activity modules.

Table page improvements

Column sizes

These changes will affect the look of your existing tables. The default size will be Medium.

You can now specify the size of each column:

Column sizes

The available column sizes are:

  • XSmall
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge

General styling update

We have modernized the look of the table sections. Here's a few of the styling changes we have made:

  • Smaller font
  • Row borders removed
  • Table cell data will now be shortened if it does not fit in the column (see the new Tooltip feature below)
  • Header background color
  • Table allowed to grow to 1366px on larger displays, after that it will be scrollable

Previous table section look

Previous table section look

New table section look

New table section look

Tooltips If the data does not fit within the table cell we will shorten it and end the cell with "...", indicating that more data is available. Hovering the mouse cursor over the cell will show more of the data in a Tooltip.

Table page tooltips

Client search If the developer don't choose a search parameter in a table section, the table will do an initial empty search to fetch all the data when the user enters the page. The end-user will then be able to search through the loaded data by typing in the search box. This will not trigger a new client web service call.

Table page client search parameter not set

If the developer choose a search parameter, a search will be executed when the search button is pressed or if the user presses enter. This will trigger a client web service call. The result will still be filtered when the user is typing in the searchbox.

Table page client search parameter set

Changes in Zervicepoint PowerShell Management

The following changes were made in the Zervicepoint Powershell module:

Grouped Activities

  • Cmdlets:
    • New-ZPGroupedActivity (new)
    • Get-ZPGroupedActivity (new)
    • Set-ZPGroupedActivity (new)
    • New-ZPVariable (added parameters)
      • IsInputParameter
      • IsOutputParameter
      • IsRequired
      • DisplayName
      • Description
    • ConvertTo-ZPJson
      • Added support for serializing GroupedActivityProcess objects
    • ConvertFrom-ZPJson
      • New OutputObject GroupedActivity
    • New-ZPActivity (added parameters)
      • New Type: Grouped
  • Classes:
    • GroupedActivityProcess (new)
    • ServiceVariable (added properties)
      • IsInputParameter
      • IsOutputParameter
      • IsRequired
      • DisplayName
      • Description

Hide submit button

  • Cmdlets:
    • New-ZPProcess (added parameters)
      • HideSubmitButton
    • Classes:
      • Process (added properties)
        • HideSubmitButton

Set receiver of an order

  • Cmdlets:
    • New-ZPActivity (added parameters)
      • New Type: SetOrderReceiver
  • Classes
    • SetOrderReceiverActivity (new)

Table page column size

  • Cmdlets:
    • New-ZPTableColumn (added parameters)
      • Size
    • Classes:
      • TableColumn (added properties)
        • Size

Issues corrected

Issue key Summary
ZSD-4062 [New UI] Previous service details are still visible when you load new service
ZSD-4055 Reading the Google Font Lato gets timeout without internet access
ZSD-4042 Unable to approve/decline task with hidden field
ZSD-4036 Create new variable in RTF-block is not fully visible
ZSD-4001 Changing category in categorypicker, don't clear value if value don't exist in new alternatives
ZSD-3995 [Admin Web] Pressing Enter when naming a field will refresh the page without warning
ZSD-3985 [New UI] Dynamic dropdown value not shown when using e-mail/upn as input
ZSD-3467 [New UI] Static dropdown with two items with same value causes one of the items not be selectable in dropdown
ZSD-2658 Assign should only be applicable to string variable
ZSD-4117 Order modal is shown even if form is not valid when trying to place order
TZP-3550 The CredentialIdentifier setting gets padded with spaces
ZSD-2645 ProcessSystem waits indefinitely for ServiceBus connection
ZSD-4088 Administration link is visible in End user portal even though user lacks access to the Admin portal
ZSD-4081 Unable to deploy ZP database on SQL Mirror/AlwaysOn configured database
ZSD-3927 Activity feed scrolls up when loading more entries
ZSD-4149 "What's new" title is not translated
ZSD-4117 Order modal is shown even if form is not valid when trying to place order
ZSD-4187 Get-ZPPageTree doesn't include pages with access roles
ZSD-4203 [New UI] Wrong cost is shown in tasklist
ZSD-4212 [NewUI] ZAPI enable/disable() don't work in tablesection form modal
ZSD-4189 [NewUI] ZAPI Spin function not working in Table action order view
Z SD-4194
TZP-3764 Date in excel report is wrong by one day.
ZSD-4213 Table page edit action - scrollbar missing onLoad
ZSD-4223 Wrong status text in "traffic light" status feed in manual task forms
ZSD-4286 Formsection expands when using drop-down
TZP-3943 Dropdown causes form to scroll wierdly
ZSD-4331 Table page Edit Action does not work if row data is over 2000 characters long
ZSD-4281 [NewUI] When Date picker is required we are not able to write date

System requirements and Documentation

You can find system requirements, documentation and knowledge base articles in our wiki here. Read about important information and breaking changes here. You can also have a look at our product site at

Providing feedback

If you would like to provide feedback or make a suggestion, please post a New Feature request in our service desk accessible from

If you would like to report an issue with Zervicepoint, please visit our service desk accessible from

Help the Zervicepoint documentation team ship the kind of product information you need most by giving us your feedback and comments. Submit your documentation feedback through our service desk accessible from

Known Issues

This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

Issue Summary
ZSD-4119 jquery.zfileupload.js följer inte IIS-inställningen
ZSD-3763 [NewUI] Service that is hidden shows up in "recommended for you" if recommended
ZSD-3727 [NewUI] DropDown (not searchable) with Search function in provider returning nothing will say "Type to search" in new ui
ZSD-3710 Changing case in post-deployment scripts in Localization database doesn't change value in web
ZSD-3708 ServiceTiles have one white pixel border in Chrome
ZSD-3394 It's possible to delete used task form
ZSD-3317 [Old UI] Dropdown and multi checkbox default value does not show in admin web order details variable list when field is readonly
ZSD-3316 [Old UI] Service-selector default value does not show in variable list in admin web when field is readonly
ZSD-3305 Service selector close drop down directly in IE11 when there are many services
ZSD-3303 .disable() in old UI does not disable fileField when it has value
ZSD-2653 [OldUI] Not possible to multi quick approve approval and manual tasks for services where form contains required fields
ZSD-2652 iframe (allowed) tags are not safe in infoblocks (admin web)
ZSD-2650 Delayed validation in userweb setup form doesn't show validation message for fields
ZSD-2644 Error message in PopulateServiceSelectorDetails is wrong
ZSD-2640 Get-ZPCategoryTree returns system pages as well as pages
ZSD-4282 [Old UI] Create service from user web, changing cost and monthly cost behaves weird
ZSD-4273 Minor alignment issues on some elements in Admin web (IE11)