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Release date: 2022-02-11

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

ProvisioningSystem upgrade required

This release contains changes in ProvisioningSystem/ClientWebService. Upgrade required. See below for details.

PowerShell module upgrade required

This release contains changes in the PowerShell Management module. Upgrade required. See below for details.

New features and changes

Then and Else in conditional activity

The conditional (if) activity now has both a Then and an Else block instead of just a single sequence. No more repeating a conditional sequence with a negative condition!

Improved provider activity parameter binding experience

When you bind a parameter in a provider activity to a variable you now get a list of suggested variables based on a name-matching algorithm followed by the normal variable list. If an exact match exists between parameter and variable name, the parameter becomes automatically bound to the variable when the activity is added. This should make binding easier and faster when you have many variables.

New Plugins view in Admin Web

The old Providers and Datasources views have been replaced by a new Plugins view showing all the inventoried plugins as a list of tiles. By clicking on a tile you can see a summary of all the activities, webservices and dropdowns in that plugin, along with parameters and current usage data.

Extended plugins inventory


Plugins can now contain a description and an icon (as specified by the description and icon attributes of the provider element in the plugin's providers.xml file). The description and icon are both displayed on the plugin's tile in the Plugins view in AdminWeb. Supported icon types are SVG and PNG.

Plugin modules

Plugin modules now support having a displayname in addition to the module name (.Net classes via the [DisplayName] attribute, Powershell PSM1's use the module name as displayname). A module icon is supported by placing an SVG or PNG file with the same name as the module (PSM1 or DLL) in the same folder as the module. Description is supported like before by using the [Description] attribute of the .Net class or the Description property in the Powershell module manifest. Displayname and icon are both displayed in the plugin details page in the Plugins view. Displayname is also used in the activity toolbox in the service/process workflow editor.

Module methods

Module methods also support a displayname and an icon. The displayname is taken from the [DisplayName] attibute of the .Net method, or derived from the Powershell cmdlet name. An icon can be included by adding an SVG or PNG file having the name of the module (PSM1 or DLL) followed by the name of the method/cmdlet. The displaynames and icons are displayed in the list of module methods in the plugin detail page as well as in the activity toolbox in the workflow editor.

New form datasource selector

The form datasource selector (displayed at the bottom of the form in the form editor) used to contain every datasource available, both webservices and dropdown methods. Since dropdown methods are rarely used as (and not really intented as) form datasources, the selector now by default only shows webservice methods. You can still select a dropdown method by selecting the Dropdowns option below the selector. Also note that the webservice modules displayed no longer begin with the word Webservice. This should make it a little bit easier to find the right method.

Updated the field datasource selector

The field datasource selector (for dynamic bind dropdown lists and checkboxes) has been slightly changed to no longer display the word Dropdown in front of every dropdown module.

Provider activity displaynames in workflow editor

Provider activities are now displayed using their displaynames and optional custom icons in workflow editor activity headers and toolbox.

Added Z-Api selectors to autocomplete in field javascript editor

When you hit Z in the javascript editor on a field, you now get an autocomplete list containing available Z-selectors. This includes all the available field selectors - Z('#fieldname') - field type selectors - Z('#[type=inputText]'), Z('#[type=checkbox]') etc - and the Z('all') and Z('form') selectors.

Auto-generated identifiers

When you create a new page, tag, service, shared process or grouped activity, the identifier is now automatically generated as you fill out the name field. You can still change the identifier should you wish to.

Terminate and restart orders using WebApi and Powershell

A PUT method has been added to the Order entity in the REST API. This method allows you to send a json string containing an order number and an action to perform. Available actions are Terminate, Restart and RestartWithLatestProcessVersion.

The Zervicepoint Powershell module also supports these actions by means of the new Set-ZPOrderState command.

Populate read-only fields with WebApi

When using the REST API or Powershell module to order a service, it is now possible to pass values to read-only fields as well. The reason for this change is that read-only fields are often populated by form field javascripts (which of course are't executed when using the API), and the inability to populate those fields meant you had to come up with creative workarounds to be able to place the order.

Issues corrected

Issue key Summary
ZSD-5223 Possible to create multiple fields bound to the same variable by pasting
ZSD-5245 Missing blank space in order history
ZSD-5246 Installer fails if client webservice URL does not contain a port number

Known Issues

This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

Issue key Summary
ZSD-3708 ServiceTiles have one white pixel border in Chrome
ZSD-4410 Hard to read Read Only text i mobile view
ZSD-4621 Activity feed shows wrong time in Safari
ZSD-4723 Posting a dropdown bound to variable to the same form in a task will result in an additional null,null option in the dropdown
ZSD-4750 GetDefault not triggered on New action in table page
ZSD-4762 Text is pushed out and becomes not visible in Drop Downs ( InternetExplorer )
ZSD-5186 Central Data sources can't be selected in a Table Page
ZSD-5187 Clicking on "more details" on central provider/data source results in a 500 error page
ZSD-5236 End workflow activity leaves approvals and tasks active
ZSD-5237 Assign Activity in OnEachTimeout-event doesnt work