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During the signup you will need to provide the following details:

  • StoreName (
  • StoreAdministratorEmail


By default, we'll first provision a temporary account for you in a shared ADFS environment where you can first login to zervicepoint without having prepared ADFS/Azure AD. This is only intended for you to get started and explore zervicepoint.


If you don't update ADFS/Azure AD User Authentication settings, your may be locked out after a few days.


You can either use AzureAD or ADFS for logon authentication to your store.

Azure AD

If you want to use AzureAD, you need to supply the following information

  • TenantId

How to find TenantId?


For ADFS we need the following information.

  • ADFS Hostname (
  • ADFS Thumbprint

How to find ADFS thumbprint?

If you plan to use ADFS you will need to create a relying party in your ADFS environment.

ADFS relying party trust

Active Directory Federation Service should run atleast version 2.0 or later

Relying party trust

WS-Federation Passive Endpoint


Required claims (LDAP)

Attribute Claim
SAM-Account-Name Name ID
E-mail-Addresses E-Mail
Display-Name Name
Token-Groups Unqualified names Group

Create ADFS Relying Party Trust using PowerShell

# Must be run on ADFS Server
# For ADFS on Windows Server 2016
Import-Module ADFS

$Name = "Zervicepoint"
$Identifier = @(
$IssuanceTransformRule = '@RuleTemplate = "LdapClaims"
    @RuleName = "LDAP"
    c:[Type == "", Issuer =="AD AUTHORITY"]
        => issue(store = "Active Directory", types = ("", "",
        "", "",
        ""), query = ";mail,displayName,sAMAccountName,displayName,tokenGroups;{0}", param = c.Value);'

$WSFedEndpoint = ""
$AdditionalWSFedEndpoint = ""
$AccessControlPolicyName = "Permit everyone"

Add-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust -Name $Name -Identifier $Identifier -IssuanceTransformRules $IssuanceTransformRule -WSFedEndpoint $WSFedEndpoint -AdditionalWSFedEndpoint $AdditionalWSFedEndpoint  -AccessControlPolicyName $AccessControlPolicyName

Next steps

Things to do next.

  • Plan for worker deployment
  • Install worker