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Release notes


Release date: 2020-11-09

Story Description Type
None Fixed issue with Owner mapping and API key authentication. Change


Release date: 2020-10-29

Story Description Type
None Added cleanup of xmlns attributes before import. Change


Release date: 2020-10-26

Story Description Type
None Added support for Zervicepoint Powershell Key Authentication. Change


Release date: 2019-09-17

  • Added AccessRoles as a comparable property
    • Note: To enable the use of AccessRoles as a comparable property, you must specify it in the propertiesToCompare setting in your configuration file (along with any the other properties you wish to compare).
  • Fixed a problem where multiple access roles would not be set


Release date: 2019-05-21

Story Description Type
ZSD-4540 SFTP stops working when certificate no longer matches cached fingerprint Bugfix
TZP-4715 New XML format from ATEA Change
TZP-4671 Add HideInServiceList to the list of comparable properties Change
TZP-4678 Improved error handling in Send-ZPProductCatalogOrder Change
TZP-4716 Possibility to remove empty XML elements in order xml Change
TZP-4717 Possibility to save order xml to file Change


Release date: 2019-01-16

Story Description Type
TZP-3967 Create function to send configForm in Atea order message Change


Release date: 2018-11-13

Story Description Type
ZSD-4241 createMissing (pageMapping) didn't work for existing services Bugfix