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Release date: 2020-03-04

Always backup the Zervicepoint database before upgrading! If you experience an installation failure you must restore the database before continuing.

Multi-tenant upgrade

This release contains no changes in Provisioning System or Client Web Service.

ZervicePoint PowerShell Management

This release contains no changes in the PowerShell Management module.

New features

Copy/Paste in form and workflow editors

When working in the form or workflow editor in a service, process or grouped activity, you can select one or more fields or activities by clicking in their headers (use Ctrl and/or Shift to select multiple) and then cut or copy them to the clipboard using either right-click to bring up a context menu, or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl-X. You can then paste the content of the clipboard in a different place (using the context menu or Ctrl+V), or even in a different service/process/grouped activity.

The content placed on the clipboard is in JSON format so you can easily share any content by simply pasting it into a text document, an email, a Slack or Skype conversation etc. To use the shared JSON string, simply copy it and then paste it into a new form or workflow.

Note: Because of security related restrictions, copy/paste using the context menu only works with Chrome and IE browsers. Other browsers do not allow us to access the clipboard directly (except for Firefox which allows write/copy operations). Keyboard shortcuts however work in any browser (tested in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari). Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts added in this version. | Keyboard shortcut | Action | | ----------- | ----------- | |Ctrl+A|Select all fields/activities| |Ctrl+D|Deselect all| |Ctrl+C|Copy selected fields/activities| |Ctrl+X|Cut selected fields/activities| |Ctrl+V|Paste fields/activities (if a field/activity is selected, the content of the clipboard will be inserted before the selected field/activity, otherwise it will be pasted at the end of the selected container)| |Ctrl+S|Save the service, process or grouped activity| |Delete|Delete the selected fields/activities|

We've adjusted the image gallery so that it only shows thumbnails when it's relevant, when it includes more than one image.

Form Functions

Form functions is a new way of working with javascripts in service forms. Script code that you tend to use frequently can now be stored as functions inside script classes in the database. The script classes can then be imported from the "Edit Scripts" dialog in the form editor which makes their exported functions available in the onLoad, onChange and onSubmit events. Script classes can be stored in js files on an external file system, a GIT repo etc, and uploaded to the database when tested and approved. And if you are a central administrator, you can delegate selected classes to customer stores as well.

Redesign-AdminWeb editor

Redesign-AdminWeb implementation

Scrollable activity list in workflow editor

The activity list in workflow editor is now scrollable (instead of expanding below the workflow container). Scrollable activity list in workflow editor

Changes in the Zervicepoint Installer

This release has no changes in the Zervicepoint Installer.

It is now possible to create links that look like services. Links as a service

The links can be configured to be opened in a new tab or the current tab. It is also possible to create a link to a specific Page in Zervicepoint. To create a Link go to the Services page in the AdminWeb: Links as a service add new

Service info in Z-api

Information about the currently displayed service is now available in the Z-api under Z.service.

The Z.service object contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
name String The name (identifier) of the service
displayName String The display name of the service in the current user's language
shortDescription String The short description of the service in the current user's language
description String The description of the service in the current user's language
cost Int The service cost (the initial cost, not counting selected quantity or items carrying additional costs)
monthlyCost Int The service monthly cost (the initial monthly cost, not counting selected quantity or items carrying additional costs)
totalCost Int The current cost of the order based on initial service cost, selected quantity and items carrying additional costs)
totalMonthlyCost Int The current monthly cost of the order based on initial service monthly cost, selected quantity and items carrying additional costs)
quantity Int The service quantity currently selected
tags String[] An array of service tags
isFavorite Boolean True if the service is marked as a favorite by the user, False otherwise
isCartCompatible Boolean True if the service is marked as cart compatible, False otherwise
isCountable Boolean True if the service quatity can be changed by the user, False otherwise
processUniqueId Guid The unique id of the service process
uniqueId Guid The unique id of the service

Notification interval changes

Whenever a user loads the UserWeb site in his/her browser, a javascript queries the backend for any new events such as order progress, new tasks etc. The results are then displayed as notification count icons on the Activity Feed and To-Do List tabs.

Previously the query was executed on a fixed interval of four seconds, but lately we have been receiving reports of high loads on the backend servers, both web and database, that seems to be related to those queries.

In this version we have therefore changed the interval to 60 seconds while the user is active, and 10 minutes if the user is inactive.

Activity is measured by recording mouse-clicks and keyboard events, and the user is considered inactive when no events are reported during a five minute period.

Changes in the Zervicepoint Installer

Previous versions had an issue (ZSD-4942) where the client webservice url was set to an incorrect value when upgrading.

The issue has been fixed in this version.

Changes in the Zervicepoint PowerShell module

New commands:

Command Description
New-ZPJavaScript Creates one or more javascript classes in the database, based on the code supplied in the -Code parameter, or contained in the file specified in the -FilePath parameter.
Set-ZPJavaScript Updates one or more javascript classes in the database, based on the code supplied in the -Code parameter, or contained in the file specified in the -FilePath parameter.
Get-ZPJavaScript Returns one or more javascript classes based on class name or form id (or all the javascript classes in the store).
Remove-ZPJavaScript Removes a javascript class from the database.

Updated commands:

Command Description
New-ZPForm New parameter -FormFunction taking a list of strings identifying the names of javascript classes to be used in the onLoad, onChange and onSubmit events.
  • New parameter -ServiceType for specifying the type of service to create (Service, Link or Page). Default value is Service.
  • New parameters -LinkURL and -LinkOpenType for service type Link.
  • New parameter -PageUniqueId for service type Page.

  • Updated classes:

    Class Description
    ServiceForm New property FormFunctions.
    Service New properties ServiceType, LinkURL, LinkOpenType and PageUniqueId.

    Issues corrected

    Issue key Summary
    ZSD-4620 NewUI image border bug
    ZSD-4937 Clear-ZPOrder doesn't clear status when a newer version of the service exists
    ZSD-4942 Installer configures client webservice url incorrectly
    ZSD-4953 Can't load process if activity is bound to a variable that's out of scope
    ZSD-4963 Service Tile misalignment
    ZSD-4964 DateTimePicker: Not able to open calendar datepicker in Internet Explorer
    ZSD-4973 ZP Blandar ihop 2 användare/beställare
    ZSD-4979 Pasting text in input fields also pastes fields/activities
    ZSD-4997 Can't use IterationCounter variable in While activity inside Sequence activity
    ZSD-4998 Val() results in an error after clear() on dynamic dropdowns
    ZSD-5009 Form and variable values could be checked toward the incorrect process version in a task form
    ZSD-5011 Task will incorrectly be cartCompatible if the new process version has different cartCompatible value than the one the process linked to the task had
    ZSD-5012 When loading a draft in UserWeb the CustomOrderButtonText is not shown
    ZSD-5016 New-ZPService error when using json created before version 1.24.2466
    ZSD-5017 Safari: Problem entering text in some textboxes in AdminWeb
    ZSD-5019 Unable to load service in AdminWeb in Internet Explorer
    ZSD-5020 Unable to create Links in IE11 and older
    ZSD-5021 Chrome may reject insecure SameSite=None cookies
    ZSD-5024 Pasting an approval or task activity into a grouped activity workflow produces no error

    System requirements and Documentation

    You can find system requirements, documentation and knowledge base articles in our wiki here. Read about important information and breaking changes here. You can also have a look at our product site at

    Providing feedback

    If you would like to provide feedback or make a suggestion, please post a New Feature request in our service desk accessible from

    If you would like to report an issue with Zervicepoint, please visit our service desk accessible from

    Help the Zervicepoint documentation team ship the kind of product information you need most by giving us your feedback and comments. Submit your documentation feedback through our service desk accessible from

    Known Issues

    This section provides information about issues with Zervicepoint that were known at the time of writing this document. These issues may not appear in the product documentation, and in some cases may contradict existing product documentation. Whenever possible, these issues will be addressed in later releases.

    Issue Summary
    ZSD-2640 Get-ZPCategoryTree returns system pages as well as pages
    ZSD-2644 Error message in PopulateServiceSelectorDetails is wrong
    ZSD-2650 Delayed validation in userweb setup form doesn't show validation message for fields
    ZSD-2652 iframe (allowed) tags are not safe in infoblocks (admin web)
    ZSD-2653 [OldUI] Not possible to multi quick approve approval and manual tasks for services where form contains required fields
    ZSD-3303 .disable() in old UI does not disable fileField when it has value
    ZSD-3305 Service selector close drop down directly in IE11 when there are many services
    ZSD-3316 [Old UI] Service-selector default value does not show in variable list in admin web when field is readonly
    ZSD-3317 [Old UI] Dropdown and multi checkbox default value does not show in admin web order details variable list when field is readonly
    ZSD-3394 It's possible to delete used task form
    ZSD-3708 ServiceTiles have one white pixel border in Chrome
    ZSD-3727 [NewUI] DropDown (not searchable) with Search function in provider returning nothing will say "Type to search" in new ui
    ZSD-4119 jquery.zfileupload.js följer inte IIS-inställningen
    ZSD-4282 [Old UI] Create service from user web, changing cost and monthly cost behaves weird
    ZSD-4391 Mobile GUI bug in Service Selector
    ZSD-4410 Svårt läsa Read Only text i mobilt läge
    ZSD-4534 [Old UI] When a service contains an empty form section no table actions works for that service
    ZSD-4565 [IE] When using long text on a Page with does not line break
    ZSD-4585 Quantity issue
    ZSD-4621 Activity feed shows wrong time in Safari
    ZSD-4723 Posting a dropdown bound to variable to the same form in a task will result in an additional null,null option in the dropdown
    ZSD-4728 Removing a Task form in the service editor cause an exception later when the task assignee is trying to access the form.
    ZSD-4732 User receives an exception when trying to order a service with a required field that is not bound
    ZSD-4750 GetDefault not triggered on New action in table page
    ZSD-4762 Text is pushed out and becomes not visible in Drop Downs ( InternetExplorer )
    ZSD-4857 Possible to approve orders after rejected on TimeOut
    ZSD-4890 Right click menu in Admin Web pushed down below form editor panel
    ZSD-4898 AdminWeb: In the formeditor the "edit-form-field-dropdown" has become so long that all items are not always shown.