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Assently E-Sign Plugin

The Assently E-Sign plugin lets you create signature requests for either uploaded agreements (using the Zervicepoint API) or locally hosted documents.

Use the activity Request-ZPESignDocumentSignature in your Zervicepoint workflow to send a signature request for a document via the Assently E-Sign API. Use Get-ZPESignDocumentSignatureStatus to see if the signature was signed or rejected.

To create a request using Assently's E-Sign API's additional features, you can pass a JSON object using Request-ZPESignDocumentSignatureWithJsonInput.

Check out the overview of Assently's JSON Object

To get up to speed using this plugin, check out the snippets.



Installation and Configuration

  • Create an Assently API Key
  • Add the Assently API Key as a Credential object on the ZP Worker.
# Start PowerShell in context of service account running ProvisioningSystem
New-PFCredential -Name Assently -UserName 'username' -Password $apikey -Comment 'Assently API Key'

Update Provider Config


Update the provider config with the settings applicable for your environment


Key Example Value Description
CredentialName Assently Identifier of credential object for retrieving API Key
ConnectionUri Connection Uri used by PowerShell to connect to Assently API
UICulture en-US language to display state messages in (en-US or sv-SE)
ZPAPIAuthType Key Key/ADFS. Authentication Type for ZP API
ZPAPIURL URL To WebApi of your Store
ZPAPIKeyCredentialName ZPApiKey Identifier of credential object for retrieving ZP API Key


  • Assently API Key
  • Zervicepoint Mgmt API