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Service Bus transaction log grows ginormous


Your disk containing SQL Server's data files for Service Bus suddenly becomes full because Service Bus logs a tremendous amount of data. ZervicePoint won't process orders and they stay in "Running" state without any noticeable work being done.


  • Identify that it really is the Service Bus log that is growing. Default file name is SBMessageContainer01_log.ldf
  • Compact the database. Since this can't be done when the disk is full, you need to follow the steps below

  • Back up your database to a file on another disk, if possible

  • Switch your database (SBMessageContainer01_log.ldf to use Simple recovery
  • Shrink the database

  • Restart Workflow Manager and Service Bus

  • Wait for orders to start to process again. This could take long time. So long that you might think it has stopped again.

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