Zervicepoint consists of a number of components which work together, they can all be deployed to the same server or be distributed on multiple servers.

  • Single-Server - All Components installed on the same server
  • Multi-server - Components deployed seperately (Frontend/Backend)

Zervicepoint topologies

Single-Server Setup


Multi-Server Setup - single site


Multi-Server - Multi-tenant - Hosting setup

Installation considerations

When in deploying zervicepoint, there are a number of choices that should be done prior to running the zervicepoint installation media.


Which hostname should be used by clients to access the zervicepoint portal? (i.e selfservice.example.com)


Should move this to more of a reference or similar?

Component Description Area
AdminWeb The backend portal for Zervicepoint. Used to create services and update settings. Frontend
ApiWeb REST API endpoint for Zervicepoint. Frontend
ClientWebService A Web Service, used to fetch data in system X and present in forms in services. Frontend/Worker
UserWeb The frontend portal for Zervicepoint Frontend
ProcessSystemWeb Retrieve's inventory information from ProvisioningSystem Frontend
Database Zervicepoint database (MSSQL) Backend
ProcessSystemService Picks orders from database and schedules them in workflow manager Backend
ProvisoningSystem Executes powershell code in the workflow and sets ivnentory information process system web Backend/Worker
ApiPSModule PowerShell module for Zervicepoint Management API Any server from where you want to run ZP PS Cmdlets
Microsoft Service Bus Queue manager for messages Backend
Microsoft Workflow Manager Runs workflows Backend
WorkflowManagerExtensions Contains Zervicepoint WorkflowManager files. Backend

Worker refers to the server which will execute local ClientWebService requests and ProvisioninSystem activites.

Single-Server setup

Service Accounts

You can either use a single service account for all services, or split them.

  • Frontend Account (Account running the application pool for the IIS websites/ProvisioningSystemInventory)
  • Backend Account (Account running ProcessSystem/ProvisioningSystem)
  • ServiceBus/Workflow Manager Account (Account running Service Bus/Workflow Manager)
    # New-ADUser ---


  • Database permissions
  • Server permissions (Local Administrator)
Scenario Component
Single-Server UserWeb, AdminWeb, ApiWeb, ProcessSystemWeb, Database, ClientWebService, ProvisioningSystem, ProcessSystemService, ApiPSModule, WorkflowManager Extensions
Multi-Server (Frontend) UserWeb, AdminWeb, ApiWeb, ProcessSystemWeb, ClientWebService, ApiPSModule
Multi-Server (Backend) Database, ProcessSystemService, ProvisioningSystem, ApiPSModule, WorkflowManager Extensions


Single server setup - different ports

URL Port Comment
https://selfservice.example.com 443 User Web
https://selfservice.example.com 20000 Admin Web
https://selfservice.example.com/AdminWeb 443 Admin Web
https://selfservice.com 9900 Process System Web
https://ps.example.com 443 ProcessSystemWeb
https://selfservice.example.com 8443 Client Web Service
https://seflservice.example.com 30000 ZP Management API
https://api.example.com 443 ZP Management API

Single server setup - 443 on all ports but different name