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Why you should use the new UI

Updated 2020-05-27

We are adding new features to all the components of Zervicepoint with every release. Wheather or not you use the old or new UI you will take advantage of features added to our backend and API. But we will not be adding any new features to the old UI.

The new UI is built on the React, a modern Javascript library developed by Facebook. The design itself is also a modernization of the old UI.

There is one feature that we are yet to implement in the new UI that we had in the old UI and that is themes. You can not currently set the color theme on your store with the new UI.

Specific features only available in the new UI

  • Additional customization for Table pages such as column width and text concatination
  • Buttons form field
  • Use current date as default on Date fields
  • Line break on fields
  • Custom order button text
  • Hide order button
  • Recommended services
  • Favourite services
  • Service links
  • Service info in Z-API
  • Additional user info in Z-API