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Datetime objects not working correctly


Datetime objects coming from datetime-formfields can not be converted to DateTime-objects and ends up with event log errors.

For example the following error:

Cannot bind parameter "Date". Cannot convert value "09/29/2016 21:00:00" to type "System.Datetime". Error: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.""


This is because some date and time-formats break the format that is used by ZervicePoint (the following format: "09/29/2016 21:00:00"). For example if date and time-format sv-FI is used.

So you need to switch the date and time-format to something that accepts datetime objects in format: "09/29/2016 21:00:00". For example sv-SE.

  1. Log in as the backend account (Services) on the server hosting Process System
  2. Launch control panel (Windows-key and search for control panel)
  3. Navigate to Clock, Language, And Region
  4. Click Region
  5. In Format: select a compatible datetime format. For example sv-SE